“Our Battle Scars”

I was thinking of my son the other day – he’s 27.  Special Forces and I’m soooo very proud of him.  To think that he voluntarily lays down his life daily, takes up his cross and our freedom and marches onward without hesitation.

I thank God that he became a Christian at an age when I knew he understood it.  He was an Eagle Scout, always active in the church and always wanting to serve his country in some way.  He thought of becoming a Coast Guardsman, an Air Force Pilot, he tinkered with going to Clemson, and he actually majored in Criminal Justice to become a police officer.  A wonderfully strong-willed young man full of brevity and compassion.  Not unlike thousands of young men and women who have gone before and aft in this country. Bless them all!

But my thoughts this day went to the cross.  I was picturing Mary there – watching as HER son was beaten, spat upon and mocked.  I cried for her.  I felt her pain.  We often forget her being there and witnessing her son being tortured. But I’m a mother.  The mother of a son whom I cherish dearly.  I put myself in her place for a time.  I tried hard to feel what it was like for her.  She knew who He was.  She knew a gentle, honest and loving young man.  She also knew the Son of God.  What on earth was she thinking?

God didn’t share much about her thoughts with us in His word.  But I know. And He knows.  He comforted her.  Reassured her.  And He cried with her.  He cried so hard the curtain was torn and earth shook violently.

Matthew 27:51 51At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook and the rocks split.

So many mothers have had sons in battle. Sons willing to give their lives for a cause.  For this country.  For our freedom to worship God Almighty.

I knew what she was feeling.  It hurt so bad.  I pictured the men and women who have lost their lives in the hands of terrorist and sadists.  I prayed very hard for strength for he and I.  For his sister and his wife and daughter.  I pray often for him.  I pray for them all.  And I thank God for them all.

They carry wounds back from the front lines, from behind enemy territory and the secret places they’ve been. Wounds like those who served in Vietnam and Korea.  We don’t know the depth of the wounds.  These men and women are so strong on the outside.  But pray that the wounds that go unseen are healed by the only One who really knows the damage.

Whether you believe in this war or not.  In this President or not.  Our sons and daughters, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters are fighting for us.  They took an oath to defend this country and our freedoms but also to protect those who are being persecuted and tortured.

They deserve our support, prayers and love.

Like Mary, they are being treated like they’ve done something wrong by so many who don’t believe in the war we are in or understand it’s significance.   We cannot always see the reasons or understand them.  We don’t understand why Christ had to die in such a horrible way.  We don’t need to.  All we need to understand is He did it willingly.

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